Bug 690000 - Ghostscript 8.63 includes bloated DLL
Summary: Ghostscript 8.63 includes bloated DLL
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Product: Ghostscript
Classification: Unclassified
Component: General (show other bugs)
Version: 8.63
Hardware: PC Windows 98
: P4 normal
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Reported: 2008-08-08 14:49 UTC by goldart.geo
Modified: 2012-11-09 17:09 UTC (History)
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2012-11-09 16:53 UTC, Anderson Exantus

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Description goldart.geo 2008-08-08 14:49:04 UTC
The gsdll32.dll included with 32-bit version of Ghostscript 8.63 package is
8818688 bytes, which is more than twice the size of gsdll32.dll in Ghostscript
8.62 (3715072 bytes).

Although there are major feature changes in this release (with 3 incopatible
changes), it doesn't seem to explain why the size of the DLL get as big as it
is. Although changelog mentioned current version added cairo and svgwrite
devices, they are nowhere to be found. However, in my case I also installed
Ghostscript version (or include output from "gs -h"): 8.63
Where you got Ghostscript: Ghostscript.com
Hardware system you are using (including printer model if the problem
involves printing):

Memory: 384MB
CPU: Intel Pentium II 400
Sound: ESS Solo-1
Video: Neomagic MagicMedia 256AV
Operating system you are using: Windows 98SE
Suggested fix, if any: gsdll32.dll should be trimmed down to make it smaller.
Furthermore, when multiple libraries can handle the same output format, pstoedit
should list both converters.
Other comments: I noticed that Ghostscript 8.63 no longer includes separate font
files. Does the file gsdll32.dll include the fonts?
Comment 1 Ray Johnston 2008-08-09 04:56:12 UTC
As the submitter guessed, the change in the DLL size is due to incorporating
the Resource directory, including the rather large 'CMap' subdirectory and
the 'Font' directory in the DLL/executable. This has been the standard for
linux builds for some time and the binaries now distributed with Windows
are now built with COMPILE_INITS=1 which does this.

No external fonts or 'lib' files are now required for Ghostscript operation,
nor is a -I to point to the 'lib' directory although this latter may be
required for some '.bat' files that use specific '.ps' files from the 'lib'

A quick examination will show that the Windows distribution sizes has not
changed much, since previously the Resource files were in the self extracting
zip that was the .exe and now they are in the .dll within the zip/exe.

               gs862w32.exe	 14M
               gs863w32.exe  	 10M

In fact the sizes are now smaller.
Comment 2 Anderson Exantus 2012-11-09 16:53:29 UTC
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